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Visiting Conceria Walpier

I've been visiting Walpier many times, and any visit gave me unforgettable experience and knowledge about leather production. Talking with those people you understand that leather tanning is an extremely complex and difficult process.

The Walpier tannery is located in Ponte a Egola town, Toscana, in the heart of the Italian leather district.

Valter (left) and Michele (right) Ciampalini, the current owners

See what the tannery says:

"The story of WALPIER tannery goes back to over 40 years; it began with a long family experience with Ciampalini Gino, the father of one of the current owners. His son Valter and grandson Michele (on the picture), have continued the family tradition by making their products famous on an international level. Thanks to their commitment, respect for traditions and environment, the Walpier brand can be considered as a synonym of quality and authenticity".


Walpier Tannnery  was founded in 1974 in Ponte ad Egola; one Tuscan village which is part of the only district of Italian high quality, vegetable-tanneries. Vegetable-tanned leather manufacturing is a very old process using tannins of vegetable origins only. A long processing time and artisanal expertise are required in order to transform raw materials into fully vegetable-tanned leather suitable for any kind of product.

source: https://www.conceriawalpier.com

Walpier is a full circle production: from raw skins to the finished leathers, all under the same roof

Walpier is one of the tanneries of the CONSORZIO VERA PELLE ITALIANA CONCIATA AL VEGETALE.

drying process takes from 3 (during summer heat) to 5 days (winter time)

famous buttero leather at "wet stage" right after the tanning drum


Guarantee labels certify the product’s origin as well as a proper handling of the tanning process and the natural characteristics of the vegetable-tanned leather supplied by the consortium’s tanneries. Labels are printed with anti-counterfeiting techniques. They are also progressively numbered and recorded so that the Consortium can identify both the supplying tannery and the product manufacturer at any time and all over the world.

Walpier tannery carefully selects each skin in order to release only the "perfect" quality skins

Walpier tannery has been running buttero production for over than 40 years: every day from 8 to 18 they produce the best aniline leathers in Italy (maybe even in the world)


We always keep an eye on the latest trends in leather business and put our customers’ wishes first. That is why we have satisfied customers all over the world: from Hong Kong and Singapore to California, from Moscow to Cape Town.
The concept of my company is to supply only the best leathers so the new Walpier articles which were presented at the leather fair in Milano in 2019 will be soon in stock and ready for shipping. Please stay tuned!

Walpier tannery boot at Lineapelle 2019 leather fair
a new collection of Walpier leathers is coming soon...
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